What are the costs involved in outsourcing? – You can choose from our flexible service offerings. If you prefer to have a low fixed cost, you can opt for our monthly fee option*, alternatively you can use our service on an ad-hoc basis and pay per document. Please contact us to get a quote on an offering suited to your needs.
*Minimum contract of 6 months

What are your turnaround times? – We can deliver a complete, internally quality checked SOA within 5-10 business of receiving a complete SOA request and receipt of all required information.

Do you have your own software login? – We highly recommend that you provide us with a login for the specific software that you use to ensure that the SOAs are configured and structed based on your licensee templates and requirements.

Do you complete data collection and research on client’s existing products? – No, we cannot contact superannuation/investment or insurance providers on behalf of your business. Hence, we request up to date data collection for your client’s products before we commence the SOA process.

Do you have a templated SOA request form? – Yes, we do which can be provided on request; however we are also flexible and happy for you to send us a request on your own template if you are already using one.

How do you ensure security of data and information?

  • We have Privacy Agreements in place between:
    • TWN Solutions and Financial Advice practice
    • TWN Solutions and all staff (include contractors)
  • We use Drobox Business as our network, which includes
    • Provides 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption, which provides us banking grade encryption
    • Advanced sharing permissions, we can control who can and who can’t access the folders
    • Password-protected and expiring shared links
    • Remote device wipe, which gives us protection when we remove someone’s access their folder automatically deletes.
    • Require two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • Device approvals
  • All client sensitive data is stored on our network, and we delete client files 6 weeks after the SOA has been finalised
  • We have a firewall in place. The firewall is configured to protect us against all kinds of odd and cyber activity. This protects us from being tracked, spammed, hacked or slowing down by any external entity.
  • We have a Data Breach Incident Response Plan in place
  • We have a Staff / Contractor resignation and Termination procedure in place to ensure all access to confidential information ceases upon exit of staff/contractor