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Financial Paraplanners

Whatever practice you work in, one thing remains true – you will always need someone to do the repetitive but crucial menial tasks of financial paraplanning. These are the tasks you know you need to do but cannot help but feel like your time is being wasted whilst you carry them out. To make matters more complicated, they require great attention to detail and timeliness, which means they can neither be put off nor carried out recklessly.

Paraplanner Financial Planning: Knowledgeable And Reliable

Here at TNW Solutions, we’ve been providing expert paraplanners since 2013. Created by our founder, Daniel Ryan, after a decade of experience in the financial paraplanning industry, we’re a team of committed individuals who have a strong background in paraplanning. When you enlist our support, you are drawing not only on our strong technical prowess but also on our dedication to dependability, accuracy, and transparency.

Once you’ve brought us on, we are committed to accommodating your requirements, whatever they may be. Because of our extensive experience in financial paraplanning, we are able to adapt our service to a great extent. Read More

These are only a few examples of our ability, and they extend much further, of course. We have an encyclopedic knowledge of wealth creation strategies, insurance, and debt management, all of which are at your disposal. Even if you have contracted paraplanners within your organisation, enlisting our support can help you give them the breathing space they need to work well without you having to spend more. We understand that for many businesses, the thought of trusting your paraplanning to an outside party may seem daunting. However, there are a number of benefits to enlisting outside support that you may not have considered up until now:

  • Impeccable Attention to Detail

You may have found in the past that your ability to create detailed SOAs has suffered because you are trying to fit in these tasks between your other jobs. By drawing on our financial planner’s help and expertise, you are giving your SOAs accounts the dedicated, detailed service that they need.

  • No HR Complications

What we provide is a service, not the challenges of enlisting a new employee. Moreover, you will have no issues with HR, none of the complications that come with training, and no shortfalls in productivity to navigate.

  • No Hidden Costs

In addition to the savings made by not recruiting in-house, you will also save on other resources, like technology, stationery, storage, and facilities. This will mean that you also have a far greater understanding of your budget and an enhanced ability to forecast your finances.

Financial Paraplanner: We’re Ready – Are You?

If you’re ready to take advantage of some of these benefits now including professional financial planner support, simply get in contact with us either through our social media or directly via email with a few details of what you require. We are ready to return your message and help you streamline your accounting.

What to Expect

To save time and money and to ensure your SOAs are always of the highest quality, you should outsource to a financial paraplanner. That’s what we do here at TNW Solutions. We can produce SOAs for you on-demand, to help you meet fluctuating demand without hiring an in-house team. When you work with us, you work with some of the best accredited paraplanners and senior paraplanners in the country.

We’ve spent over 53,000 hours producing SOAs for over 90 clients in Australia, so by now, we know exactly what we’re doing. We’re experts at accurate, detailed, and compliant SOAs that exceed all your expectations and meet all your requirements. If you choose us, you can expect to receive the work in 5-10 business days. You can also expect to be completely satisfied. If you’re not, for any reason at all, we guarantee to keep working on your SOAs until you are. You’ll always receive a plan that’s tailored to your business and your needs, whether that’s hiring us on an ad hoc basis or month-by-month.

How to Get Financial Planner Help

If you need financial planner support in Australia, book a consultation with us. You’ll get to speak to one of our experts about your needs and expectations and learn more about our services, all free of charge and with no obligation to hire us afterward. Book your consultation on our website to get started. Read Less

Save Your Business $100,000s

Financial Services with a Paraplanner

If you provide clients with financial planning services, a financial paraplanner is integral to your business. But hiring one or more paraplanners is a time-consuming process, and not all financial advisors have large enough businesses that the expense of time and money is warranted.

This is especially true if your workload fluctuates. Outsourcing paraplanning work like SOAs is the perfect solution to reap the benefits of highly experienced and skilled paraplanners without needing to hire, train and pay for an in-house team. You can get work done whenever you need it and never have to pay for more than that. At TNW Solutions, that is exactly the sort of reliable service we provide.

We offer flexible SOAs on an ad hoc or monthly basis, with quick turnarounds and affordable pricing, but never compromising on quality. With our decades of experience in the industry and with a 100% Quality Assurance Guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive gold standard SOAs that exceed your expectations and comply with all requirements.

The Importance of Financial Planner Support for Your SOAs

An SOA is a Statement of Advice that must be provided to clients to whom you’re providing financial advice and contract paraplanning. The goal of an SOA is to enable your clients to make informed decisions and receive high-quality advice, while ensuring that all the pertinent information is clearly laid out according to the requirements laid out for SOAs.

SOAs are a legal requirement and must include certain elements in their content. This makes it all the more important that everything is done correctly. Your SOAs need to comply with regulations and they must also be of a high enough quality that you can feel confident providing them to your clients. Producing a good SOA takes a long time, on average 8.3 hours for a single SOA. If you struggle to keep up with your tasks and SOAs as a financial advisor, financial planner help is available.


Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

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Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

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Our Quality Assurance Process Is Second To None

Salaries, super contributions, leave, and training – get the high-quality assistance you need to serve your clients without the stress of managing staff

Enjoy The Benefits Of An In-House Paraplanner Without The Costs

Salaries, super contributions, leave, and training – get the high-quality assistance you need to serve your clients without the stress of managing staff

Only Pay For What You Need, When You Need It

Does your workload vary from month to month? Our flexible pricing options reduce your risk and ensure you only pay for the services you need

Access Some Of The Best Paraplanners In Australia

Our experienced team of paraplanners can provide you with detailed, accurate SOAs – giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business

Increase Efficiency Using Our Experienced, External Team

Using our experienced team of paraplanners, you can scale your business and take on more clients – without the inflated costs of hiring new staff

A Plan That’s Tailored To The Needs Of Your Business

We understand that every business is different, which is why we work with you to craft a plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and requirements


Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

Our Flexible Pricing Options Mean You Can Receive High Quality SOAs As Often As You Need Them

Ad Hoc Service We offer ad hoc services to take care of fluctuating needs or overflow work. This means you can enjoy the benefits of an entire team of experienced paraplanners – without the risk or costs of hiring full-time staff.

Dedicated Paraplanner Our month-by-month plans are perfect if you need ongoing support on a full-time or part-time basis. Our expert team can handle your SOAs and ensure everything is completed accurately and on time.

Basic Paraplanning Services (For as low as $1,600 per month) If the paperwork is piling up and you need a talented paraplanner to do the heavy lifting for you, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. You can work directly with your paraplanner (or paraplanners) to dictate which tasks take priority. These can include (but not limited to) administrative support like data entry, pre-SOA research including platform research, insurance needs analysis, premium estimates and completion of simple/standard SOAs, ROAs and Review documents. All our paraplanners have 2+ years experience, a broad range of knowledge, and are available on either a part-time or full-time basis.


Premium Paraplanning Services (Fee structure on a per SOA basis) If you need a highly-experienced professional you can rely on, we have a team of 12 hard-working senior paraplanners. Our senior paraplanners have 5+ years of experience and each one holds a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Our senior paraplanning services also come with an internal peer review process to ensure no small detail is missed!


Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

Our Knowledgeable Team Can Handle A Diverse Range Of Strategies, Including:

Personal insurance
Wealth creation strategies
Salary packaging
Gearing strategies
Debt management
Pensions and annuities
Centrelink strategies
Estate planning
Self-managed super funds
Aged care
Retirement planning
Investment planning, gearing and tax considerations
Small business rollover CGT concessions
Family and discretionary trusts
Limited recourse borrowing arrangements

Meet Our Friendly And Experienced Directors

Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan has a Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) at RMIT and 20+ years’ experience in the financial planning industry. In 2013, he launched TNW Solutions with the goal to provide Australian financial planners with exceptional quality paraplanning services – without the risk or expense of hiring an in-house team. TNW is now an integral part of the Australian’s financial planning landscape and works with both large national financial planning firms, and independent boutique financial advisers across the country.

Esha Khosla

Esha has more than 15+years’ experience in the financial planning industry and holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning qualification. A former colleague of Daniel’s, Esha decided to join TNW Solutions in 2015 and has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business. Since joining, Esha has helped grow the business to include a team of 20+ experienced paraplanners who handle the needs of 90+ financial planning firms across Australia.

TNW Solutions - paraplanning services
Senior Paraplanning Team

TNW Solutions has a team of 12 qualified senior paraplanners who have 5+ years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Every member of our team is not only highly experienced, but has an outstanding work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. This enables them to produce exceptional quality work with a short turnaround time of just 10 business days.

TNW Solutions - paraplanning services
Junior Paraplanning Team

We pride ourselves on employing some of the most talented junior paraplanners in the country. Our junior team consists of 18 paraplanners. All have 2+ years of experience with a broad knowledge across a diverse range of strategies. Our junior paraplanners are highly qualified, and produce accurate, high-quality reports within a short turnaround.


Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

Here’s How It Works…

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    During your consultation, we’ll discuss your business in greater detail and reveal how we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

  • 3.
    Receive Your FREE, Customised Statement Of Advice

    If you are one of the first 10 clients for June, we’ll send you a free, fully customised SOA so you can try our high quality services risk-free.

  • 4.
    Use Our Service As Little Or As Often As You Need

    We offer ad hoc and month-by-month options so you can have paraplanners available at your convenience without being locked into long-term contracts.

  • 5.
    Focus On Your Clients’ Needs – We’ll Take Care Of Yours

    Take the time and money you save hiring and training in-house paraplanners and put it towards strengthening the relationship with your clients!


Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

If you’re Not Satisfied After 3 SOA’s, We’ll Refund You Every Cent – Guaranteed!

Our efficient, systemised process and comprehensive Quality Assurance checks ensure our expert paraplanners generate only the highest quality advice – all checked by a Senior Paraplanning Manager. This process is designed to save you time AND money, so you can focus on your clients and grow your business. We’re so confident in our procedures that we offer a 100% quality assurance guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with the quality of our reports after 3 tries, we guarantee to give your money back. It’s our way of ensuring your best interest is our top priority.


Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

Hear Why 90+ Australian Financial Planners Trust TNW Solutions To Write Their SOAs…

“We have been utilising TNW Solutions since 2013. We have viewed the partnership with Daniel, Esha and their team , as an extension of our business. This relationship embodies very similar core values our firms represent, with a strong client first mentality. Their service is exemplary! We would have no hesitation referring them to other financial planning practices, requiring back office and paraplanning support.”

Chris Saunders

Managing Director Capital Counts

Verified Review

“When finding a partner to deliver on your compliance solutions, it is super critical to find a team that operate as an extension of your business. We’ve been using the team at TNW for over five years now, handling what we would consider to be extremely complex advice needs for our clients. TNW operate and integrate seamlessly with our team allowing us to provide more scaled solutions to our clients. We would happily recommend them to any advisory firm as we have in the past.”

Andy Fenton

Fenton Financial

Verified Review

“I have dealt with the team at TWN Solutions for over 5 years. Over this period they provided excellent paraplanning services. The plans I receive are accurate and are returned within the timelines I require. When clarifying needs the team are always easy to get in touch with and happy to assist in any alterations I request”

Julie Ford

Ford Advisers

Verified Review

“I have been very happy with the services of Esha and the team at TNW Paraplanning. The Team are always available to answer any questions you may have, and their quick turnaround times enables us to move forward with the advice, so we can implement in a timely fashion and place the client in a better position.”

Hsu Chiang

Hall Chadwick Wealth Advisory

Verified Review

“Our business has been using the services of TNW Solutions for several years. We previously placed paraplanning services through a broker-approach. However, when we encountered the quality, expertise and business efficiency of Daniel and the team, we no-longer wanted our services outsourced to any other providers. We contacted Daniel and the team and organised a relationship directly with them and they have been our sole source of paraplanning support services ever since.”

Michael Davie

Kuda Wealth

Verified Review

“I have been engaged with Dan and the team since 2015 and from the very beginning they have been always prepared to put in the extra little bit of effort to ensure the client outcome exceeds expectations. TNW understand the advice process, the compliance obligations and in particular the overall challenges faced by advisers when delivering services to clients. Their ability to work closely with advisers to identify gaps or as a sounding board for strategy in my opinion puts them ahead of the pack.”

Lachlan Campbell

Cadence Accountants and Advisors

Verified Review

Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce Exceptional Standard SOAs For Your Business

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Here’s what you’ll discover on the call…

  • How we saved 90+ clients upwards of 53,000 hours and $65k p.a by producing exceptional quality on-demand SOAs, ROAs, product comparisons, modelling and projections – and how we can do the same for you

  • Why our industry-leading Quality Assurance process GUARANTEES you receive only the highest quality SOAs from our expert team of qualified paraplanners

  • How our team of experienced paraplanners can tailor a solution for your business to meet your exact licensee compliance standards – and ensure all documents land on your desk 100% accurate and ready to send to your clients.

  • Plus, for this month you can claim your FREE custom SOA report (valued up to $479) to put our expert team to the test and try our services risk-free!

  • Book in your consultation today to start receiving rapid, quality assured compliant advice at a fraction of the cost.

    Leverage Our Experienced Team Of Paraplanners To Produce
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